Carol Hunter

Carol Hunter

CAROL HUNTER the Money Mender, is one of the nation’s leading Personal Finance Experts, and has
utilized her expertise for over 30 years to help women and (a few men) achieve financial freedom and
maximize their economic power. Carol is the Founder of Carol Hunter Global, LLC, a financial education
entity focusing on money freedom strategies for wealth accumulation.

As a fierce female pioneer in the Personal Finance industry, she is also the Chief Instructor for her Carol
Hunter University international online platform, which offers excellent Mastermind Coaching Programs
that enable participants to take total control of their financial destiny.

As a former Corporate Comptroller and a very sought-after Speaker and Facilitator, Carol travels
extensively worldwide to promote financial freedom. She provides money strategies through live events,
education and coaching to alleviate financial bondage and generational poverty. She has been featured
in the Huffington Post, along with frequent appearances on the FOX and TBN networks.

Born out of her own personal journey with childhood poverty and financial bondage, Carol created a
dynamic personal Financial Management System designed to expedite the financial restoration process
and eliminate a poverty mindset. She is also the Author of Debt Free Forever and Prosperity

Through Carol Hunter Global, she develops partnerships with colleges, churches, community and
financial organizations to provide education and financial strategies. Through her Personal Coaching
Programs and Services, she offers unique insight from her expertise and decades of real-life

A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Carol completed her undergraduate studies at the University of
Tennessee, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She is also a strong and compassionate
advocate for underserved communities and currently serves as a volunteer Finance Coach for the
United Way of Greater Atlanta.

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