Dr. William Head

Former Coach and Athletic Director  

Fisk University

Dr. Head’s experience covers being a Director of Athletic at four institutions, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance, Head Football, Baseball, Track, Softball and Golf Coach, Special Assistant to the President, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs,  Director of Institutional Planning, University Professor, Classroom Teacher, and Counselor. As Director of Institutional Planning, Dr. Head was charged with the development of a five-year Strategic Plan for Lane College while providing support of the SACS Self Study effort. While serving in the capacity of athletics director he has been responsible for the overall direction of an NCAA Division I, Division II, Division III and NAIA Division II athletics programs respectively. His duties included budget development, execution and evaluation, fundraising through direct solicitation, sponsorship proposals and marketing and promoting the activities of the department. Public relations efforts were directed at private and corporate sponsorship prospects as well as faculty, staff, students and alumni of the various institutions. Included in his experiences in marketing and promotions is direct involvement with the development and execution of marketing plans for classic football games, basketball games and spring sport activities, providing leadership for the compliance component of the programs in which he worked, maintaining an open and honest connection with offices, departments and programs of the institution, assuring the propriety and integrity of all external initiatives of the program and day to day supervision of administrative functions of the program. Additional duties included the review, selection, supervision, and evaluation of professionals under his supervision. Further, he was a part of the resolution of an NCAA sanction; a principal in
the resolution of a Title IX complaint; planning construction and supervision of campus facilities; a principal in a change of division effort; and respondent to many evaluations by NCATE, SACS, and the NCAA. As one whose initial foray into higher education took place at an institution renowned for its scholarly endeavors, Dr. Head has always stood for the highest academic standard of achievement for the student athletes left to his care. In both of his stints as head football coach his student athletes thrived in the classroom graduating seventy-eight percent of the young men and women in his charge. This trend held true in all four director of athletics positions he’s held. Having been privy to the “big picture” he is well aware of the medium which must be struck to make athletics an integral part of the overall goals and objectives of the institution it serves. His respect for academia is further illustrated through his academic preparation, classroom instruction, membership in professional organizations, chairmanship of a departmental standing committee and inclusion as a Senator in the University’s Faculty Senate. Ancillary to his professional activities Dr. Head has found time to be the commissioner of a Cal Ripken League youth baseball league, a member of a county youth advocacy council, member of a regional board for Special Olympics, an officer in a regional coalition fighting drug abuse and underage smoking and the host of a radio show called “Coach’s Corner”. He touts as his greatest accomplishments the successes of his children, and those individuals with whom his life’s work concerns itself.