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Latonya Pinkard

LaTonya Pinkard, born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, has always known she wanted to be in a position to serve others. She volunteered with Hamilton County Juvenile Court System which allowed her the opportunity to work with youth in her community. 


LaTonya developed a love and passion for education, specifically in English, and made the decision while living in Atlanta and attending Georgia State University to focus on higher education as her career path. Continuing her education at Troy University, LaTonya received her Master’s degree in Post-Secondary Education with a concentration in English. With her education and over 15 years experience in education, ranging from middle school to college, she expects only the best of her students. This dedication and rigor afforded her the opportunity to be featured on Netflix, Emmy Nominated Docuseries Last Chance U. Understanding the diverse student population she teaches, she felt becoming a Certified Life Coach would assist professionally.


Ms. Pinkard is currently an Associate Professor of English.