In The Huddle Pep Talk: A Process Towards Healing

A Process Towards Healing:

1. Examine Yourself. Pray & ask Jesus to forgive & deliver you of any hatred or superior attitude in heart towards a person or group of people. We are all made in the image of God. Black on Black violence is just as sinful & ugly as any other act of violence & injustice. Be a friend to someone different than you. "Thou shall not kill".

2. Teach Our Family. Teach our families to love & respect ALL people. Our family need to see us model true love for our fellow human being no matter the color of their skin. In conversation also, your tongue has the power of life or death. Racism is a learned behavior & one of the many sins we need to overcome with the love of Jesus.

3. Unity in Our Faith Communities. All Churches, Mosques, & Synagogue faith leaders should always teach love & respect for all people in spite of our doctrinal differences. Find ways to fellowship & learn from each other. 4. Hold Political/Civic Leaders More Accountable. They should speak words of hope & encouragement to all people. Elect government leaders that's willing to dismantle the systemic & institutional racists policies & barriers that reduced Blacks to second class citizens by our founding fathers through the ugly sin of slavery, regardless of political party. REGISTER & GO VOTE 5. Economic Empowerment & Mobility. America should consider a contract with the African American community to help recapture their economic power base they had before integration. Maybe a national, state, & local agenda that would help create livable wage jobs & business start-up support. This would be a good faith effort or a genuine demonstration of sharing the wealth that has been accumulated on the backs & hard work of Blacks in building & growing this country through slavery. Major corporations need to be incentivised to be more inclusive in executive & board of director involvement by African Americans. NO hand out but a hand up. LOVE not HATE PROTEST for REAL PROGRESS REALIZE, ORGANIZE then STRATEGIZE BUILD don't BURN ASSOCIATE to NEGOTIATE These are just and few thoughts & ideas I wanted share in love with hope that it may help us heal, do better & move forward. In The Huddle Point of View Stay safe, SHALOM

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